Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make Money Exotic Options Trading Online

More people are trying to make money exotic options trading online than with any other method. Is it a fad or a scam? I think not but here are a list of the top ways to make money exotic options trading online and strategies people are using.

The Most Popular Exotic Options Trading: Binary Options

Without question the great revolution in low capital / easy options trading systems began with binary options. The concept was simple enough - traders wanted a way to make money trading online but didn't want the hassle of buying and selling shares and dealing with commissions. On the other hand traders wanted consistent ways / opportunities to make money day trading. The solution? Binary options. These exotic options are trading online in over 140 countries. Low costs, high yields, high turnover, and low complexity make them ideal for the trader who wants to make money fast trading online.

Barrier Options and Double Barrier Options

A second exotic options trading solution was the development of barrier options. Very much like binary options, these offer a slight twist on the trading opportunity. Rather than being concerned with the underlying asset price at expiration, the barrier options trader (or double barrier options) is concerned about whether the stock hit the target price during the duration of the contract (again... rather than at the end of the contract). At any time if the stock hits the barrier, the trader wins (if they had that side of the trade). Although these are a more recent entry in the market, they are quickly replacing binary options as the choice du jour of new exotic options traders.

High Rate of Return Weekly One-Touch Options

Another well received entrant into the exotic options trading field has been the weekly one touch options. These extremely popular investments pay up to 400% yield if the the asset closes in the money at any time during the week of trading. This gives the weekly one-touch options buyer 5 chances during the trading week to land in the money at the end of trading each day.

Strategies to Make Money Exotic Options Trading

Exotic options trading requires a little more knowledge than what you know from basic options trading tutorials. One the other hand, once you grasp the concepts that make trading exotic options much simpler than other types of trading the benefits become much more obvious. Take a free course on the basics of binary options trading for more information and resources on all types of exotic options trading and strategies.

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