Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Online Trading Sites for Beginners | 3 Free Trading Sites for Beginners

I get a lot of friends asking me what are the best online trading sites for beginners - and in the past I might direct the right to a discount option broker or some other service. Given all the advances in online trading however I feel compelled to send my friends to free *information* services first, so they get an online trading education first. The best online trading sites for beginners are the ones that offer a lot of good free guidance on what to expect and look for when beginning to trade. Here are three sites I can recommend to find good free guidance about online trading written for beginners.

Free Binary Options Trading Guide

I can recommend without reservation a free binary options trading tutorial which I wrote myself. In the course (delivered in bite size chuncks via email over a period of days) you will get information about the absolute easiest investment to understand and trade: the binary option. This course is *ideal* for beginners because 1. It is free, and 2. It introduces an extreme low-cost way to get your feet wet investing.
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Free Trading Signals

The second site I can recommend as among the best online trading sites for beginners is the binary options trading signals site. Traders have the opportunity to sign up for free or premium binary options trading signals. This gives not only great actionable trading information, but it also makes it one of the best online trading sites for beginners because of the WAY research and signals are presented. Beginner investors will see first hand how REAL professional traders do analysis and research and make trading picks based on that information. Seeing HOW traders make picks is simply priceless information all day trading beginners should see first hand.
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Videos on the Basics of Options Trading

First and foremost, I have to strongly urge beginners to start with the low-capital options trading mentioned above - binary options. Once you have a substantial understanding of where trading profits are made on a small scale, then it's time to ramp up your knowledge to a bigger scale. For this reason I developed a series of options trading tutorial videos for beginners. Here you'll build on your knowledge of binary options trading and see how the profits and rules change when you make the leap to standard options trading.
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I really hope you have found this helpful. Online trading has been a great blessing in my life and it can make a difference in yours as well. Take the time to review our best online trading sites for beginners and I think you'll get started on the right foot in your online trading adventure.

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