Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Online Stock Trading with No Minimum Deposit

Have you ever wished you could try online stock trading with no minimum deposit? There are ways to start out with accounts that require no money and give a real feel as to what investing is like, but ultimately real trades require real money, and usually more than the typical beginner can afford to lose. On the other hand there are some ways to try online stock trading with no minimum deposit that (when the time comes for live trades) won't cost an arm and a leg to fund a real account.

Binary Options: Welcome to the World of Micro Capital Investing

It turns out that a number of companies (such as Optionbit -for US Traders- or optionFair -for non-US traders-) offer demo accounts upon request. While that is pretty much the standard M.O. for most trading firms what makes a binary options trading company different is that REAL accounts can trade profitably with as little as $100 (although $200-500 would be better). There aren't any other places or trading platforms I can think of which offer profitable trading with so little investment capital to start with.

Why Low / No Minimum Deposit Trading Binary Options Works

The number one reason why traders love working with / trading binary options is that there are no dreadful transaction costs to devour your investment capital. The other blessing is that investment increments can be as small (in some cases) as $30 or so (and I have seen even smaller!).

How can trading binary options be worthwhile for people investing such small amounts? It's all in the high yields. With yields in excess of 60% the norm, an investment of $200 can pay off $120 or more in profit with no transaction costs to eat into your earnings.

How to Start Online Stock Trading with No Money Down

Getting started using online stock trading with no minimum deposit with binary options is a good way to open the door to the world of investing. Other accounts do a nice job of demonstrating how investing works but if you're never going to have the $50,000 in hand to fund a real account what is the point of playing around with a demo account? If you are short funds to trade but want to learn and think you can scratch together a few hundred bucks then binary options are certainly going to be a better alternative for you.

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