How to Make Money in Days

When you think about how to make money in days, really only one thought comes to my mind: financial markets. Capital markets, after all, are about one thing: money. Your strategy in determining how to make money in days in the financial markets should come down to how much money do you need to make and how many days you actually have before you actually need the cash in hand*.
* - cash in hand refers to actually physically holding dollar bills literally in your hand. The greater the need for actual physical delivery of cash, the fewer options you have in terms of making money. It's that simple.

How to Make Money in Days If You Need the Cash in Under a Week

Honestly, this is a tough one in the case of financial markets. If you actual have a need for money in hand in under a week, your best bet (really your only bet) is to sell or pawn something you own. Hold a yard sale, bake sale, visit your local pawn shop, whatever it takes to raise the cash. If you are starting from scratch in financial markets, account setup alone takes a couple of days, and funding/withdrawing from your account also typically takes 1-3 business days. If you have to make money in days and you need physical cash in hand in under a week... you're looking someplace other than financial markets for the money, buddy.

Make Money in Days If You Don't Need Immediate Delivery of Cash

Electronic banking makes moving money around much faster today than in previous years. As a result if you can live with moving money in and out of electronic accounts (paying bills online or with checks/credit cards) and you don't need the money available electronically for about a month or so (or more), you can probably earn the money in financial markets. Day trading to make money doesn't have to be dramatically complicated, either. What it boils down to is your choice of one of two trading markets: options trading, or binary options trading. We'll take a look at each in turn.  

Options Trading to Make Money in a Few Days

Options trading to make money typically requires a few days to setup an account and get all the necessary approvals from your options broker. By the time you actually get your account approved and funded as much as two weeks will have gone by. If this is too slow for you, it may be time to skip ahead to binary options trading instead.
Understanding Market Conditions and How to Make Options Trades
Options trades are made using one of two contract types: put options and call options. Knowing how and when to use each type of trade is the key to getting your trades right and making money in days rather than trying to hold your positions for weeks (heaven forbid). Options trading is meant to be either for short term gain (if going long or buying options), or quick income (with risk of loss) in the case of going short (or selling) options. Selling options is a very popular trading strategy for those willing to take the risk of having their contracts executed on them. The truth is that 99% of contracts never get executed, so don't let that fear overwhelm you.
Potential Earnings for Options Contracts
The potential earnings for options contracts are considerable. When buying call options your maximum gain is virtually unlimited. On the put options long side, your gain is limited by the current stock price. When going short either type of contract, your gain is limited to the premium (price of the contract you sell), where as your potential loss is unlimited (call options) or limited to the stock price (put options). Most average day traders use options to try to make a killing on the long side, whereas the more experienced options traders sell contracts to collect a little extra income on the side of their already established (covered) positions.
Typical Time Before Earnings Are Realized
Options contracts can take a long time to develop, particularly in stocks that are not mainstream brand names. As such if you plan on trading obscure names, don't expect to cash in a big gain in a week or two. On the other hand your gain (when it does come) may be huge (that's the way it has worked out for me anyway). If on the other hand you want to work the daily grind of contracts trading on brand name stocks, you will likely be able to make money almost daily as you enter and exit contracts on a daily basis. You should then be able to convert earnings in your option broker account. Normally I would say "go for it" when it comes to options trading of brand name stocks like Apple and Google, but I've run into a better way. When I think about how to make money in days using options contracts on brand names stocks, these days I think about trading binary options instead.  

Binary Options as a Way to Make Money in Days

A few years back, around 2008 or so, retail binary options brokers were allowed to open their doors and trade binary option contracts with average folks like you and me. I've covered binary options trading elsewhere quite extensively, so I won't overwhelm you with details here. On the other hand what you should know is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is faster with binary options. Account setup and funding is done quickly - days as opposed to weeks. Contracts expire in minutes, hours, or days rather than weeks or months. Gains or losses daily are much bigger than with traditional options trading. The only drawback is that it does take a little longer to get profits returned to your home account - mainly because the best binary options brokers are located overseas - so wires typically take a week instead of a couple of hours like domestic wires here in the US. The good news is that some binary brokers accept US residents. As I mentioned above, I have covered binary options extensively elsewhere. Feel free to sign up for my free binary options trading course to learn the basics of these contracts and some profitable binary options trading strategies.

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