Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make Money Trading Online with Swing Trading or Is There a Better Way

Simple investors try to make money trading online usually in one of three ways. The most hyped method is forex (or foreign currency) but in reality that is a losing proposition more than a winning one for average traders. Then there is the shiny golden metal that is supposed to be an inflation hedge or doomsday currency of last resort but investors will find (as they always do) that when the turmoil dies... so does the demand for gold. The impractical nature of gold and the desire of nations to retain control of the money supply permanently limit the potential of gold. Swing trading is another big hype online trading strategy.

People Make Money Trading Many Ways - What Way Will Work for You?
While I believe all forms of investment are worth examining it is important for individuals to identify which method or methods might work best and focus on one market or style. What skills are needed for the most hyped investments? Knowing your skills and assets and applying them to the best opportunity in the market is every investor's challenge. Let's explore some common opportunities.

What Is Needed to Succeed In Forex?
Forex investors have to be well versed in the language of currency trading and the basic mathematics and economics. Highly leveraged accounts make for wild swings for traders - making constant monitoring a must. Given the market trades continuously for five days a week open positions remain vulnerable and require attention.

Do You Have a Finger for Gold?
Seasonal trends have traditionally played a role for the trader making money trading gold and gold futures. It would also likely require paying close attention to the principal mining companies. Other factors a gold investor watches are inflation, major cross rates, and other commodities such as silver, platinum, and oil.

Can You Read the Pulse of the Market?
Swing trading is specializing in recognizing and riding the momentum in the market without regard to fundamentals.. This type of investor focuses on highly liquid securities and worries much less about the macroeconomic and financial fundamentals and instead concentrates on the microeconomic forces moving a single specific security.

What about Binary Options
A less hyped but highly effective way to act using minimal capital is the use of the binary option. These ultra-simplified options pay extremely high short term yields and require only $100 to begin trading.

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